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reynunez (1) [Avatar] Offline
I am trying to add dimensions attributes to the Schema Workbench designer (Community Edition) but the tool doesn't allow you add attributes, only Hierarchies. I added the attributes manually as for the sample below:

<Dimension name='Customer'>
<Attribute name='Country' ... />
<Attribute name='State' .../>
<Attribute name='City' .../>
<Hierarchy name='Customers'>
<Level attribute='Country'/>
<Level attribute='State'/>
<Level attribute='City'/>

The Schema Workbench allow you to read the file but it completely eliminate everything under the <Dimension> element.
Question: The attribute element is widely documented in all Mondrian books and documentation, however it doesn't seems to be recognized with the "Community" schema workbench tool. Is this something that only exists at the "enterprise" version? If yes, editing the xml and manually adding the attribute, could be publish it and how?


Rey Nunez
raffael (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Schema Attributes
I also noticed that and posted a question. Well, too bad this forum doesn't seem to be too vivid.

My theory is that "attribute" has been added to Mondrian schema at version 4 while the Schema Workbench is officially no longer maintained* and stuck at Mondrian schema version 3.x.

This should be the documentation for Mondrian 4:

And this "seems" to be an older version - maybe 3.x:

nicholas.goodman (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Schema Attributes
Hey guys - Regarding the forums, I think the primary pentaho forums are much more active ("vivid") compared to hear. If you're looking for some more vibrancy, you can head there.

Regarding schema attributes, I believe that's true. Attributes were added in Mondrian 4 and so the tool support (Schema Workbench) may lag (or be non-existent). I can't honestly tell you, as I don't work on the project and don't work for Pentaho. Honestly, Workbench is just a glorified XML editor; it's common to end up writing a lot of XML by hand.

Good luck.
grzaks (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Schema Attributes
nicholas.goodman wrote:Workbench is just a glorified XML editor; it's common to end up writing a lot of XML by hand.

That's exactly how I design the schemas for mondrian. Plaintext .xml file + Vim editor.
Some people use eclipse: