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elijah.meeks (127) [Avatar] Offline
I wanted to give everyone a few places that they could see examples of what D3 has been used for. I assume everyone here is familiar with the examples from here:

If that's not enough for you, there are nearly 2000 examples here:

If maps are your thing, I would suggest you take a look at Jason Davies' work:

You'll notice that in many cases, these are code snippets hosted on and displayed using, which will display and properly formatted gist with an index.html. You can see my own gallery at here:

If you're interested in larger projects, then you can take a look at my own work on ORBIS v2 and Kindred Britain, which use D3 quite extensively:
elijah.meeks (127) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Resources and Examples for D3.js
And if you want to look at examples of specific usage of D3 API functions, you can now do that with this handy tool:
elijah.meeks (127) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Resources and Examples for D3.js
I realize many people come to D3 because they think it's a charting library, and they're surprised to find out how D3 requires you to write some much of the code necessary to create "simple charts". While I think that you're better off learning core D3, because it gives you the flexibility to create rich information visualization and interactivity, I want to also point out some frameworks that are built on D3 to abstract the chart-making process:




d3.chart (Miso)

I can't recommend any of these, as I don't have any experience with them, but if anyone has experience or thoughts about them, feel free to post your reviews.