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Welcome to the Forum for "Barcodes with iOS 7"

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Should I report every single typo that I find?

NO, please don't. Manning has dedicated people who will fix all typos and grammar mistakes before the book is finally published. As the author I am chiefly interested in omissions or factual errors. Also if you feel that something could be explained better then THIS is what you should let me know.

How do I get BarCodeKit?

BarCodeKit is covered in Chapter 5 which is more or less finished. As soon as this chapter gets on the MEAP the source code will be updated to include a snapshot of the BarCodeKit project.

Will BarCodeKit be copy-protected?

No, a snapshot of the latest released version will always be part of this books sample code. I do not want to go policing who has a license to include it in their apps and doesn't.

What are the BarCodeKit license terms?

If you own a copy of this book then you are authorized to use BarCodeKit code and derivatives in your shipping app store apps. There is also a commercial license available for €150 which grants you access to the source repository, available at http://www.cocoanetics.com/order/?product_id=barcodekit

The person controlling the app store account under which an app is shipped must be licensed to use BarCodeKit either by owning the book or having bought a commercial license. If you are making apps for contracting clients then they have to have either of these licenses too.

If there is no copy-protection what is to prevent me from unlicensed use of BarCodeKit?

Please don't. Bad Karma.

Will you cover retrieving information to a scanned barcode from a Web-API?

Yes, this is planned for Chapter 6. I want to show various techniques for talking to web services as well as iOS 7 background fetching.

What's the current state of the chapters versus what is available on the MEAP?

Chapters 1-3 are on the MEAP. Chapter 4 (on Passbook) is finished and will be available soon. Chapter 5 (on Generating Barcodes) I am polishing up right now.

Thank you for your feedback and questions!

Oliver Drobnik
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Re: Welcome and FAQ
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License Terms [was: Welcome and FAQ]
I rarely copy code from books into my apps. As there seems to be so little source code required to capture or create a QR code, it seems quite possible that by following the code in the book, I could be accused of copyright infringement. As a book owner, what explicit terms can I place in my legal files for my small firm's apps?


Currently I am referencing your contributions in my code thusly:

// Based upon code and ideas in Oliver Drobnik's Book,
// "Barcodes with iOS", Published January 2015,
// Manning Publications, ISBN: 9781617292156
// <http://www.manning.com/drobnik/>

Note it does not list a license agreement. My attorneys are nervous.