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Not sure how I am suppose to organise my comments.I think I will post by chapters so not too many threads are created.

I have tried the quiz at the end of the chapter and I don't seem to get results for some of them. Are you able to outline how many elements should be returned for each answer.
For example for solution 2 div.wrapper... I can't get anything back.

I am using jQuery3ESourceCode(1)/chapter-2/lab.selectors.html I hope that's write.
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Re: Chapter 2
Hi ddavie.

The exercises are not meant to be used with the Lab page. The key concept of that section is to see if you're able to remember and use the selectors learned to that point. Therefore, almost none of the solutions will have a match if used with the Lab page.
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Hi Aurelio,
the solution 2.7.2, quiz 10
has maybe an error:

the selection is written to have an odd position, while the solution is $('div:empty:even:not(.wrapper)')