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I like the examples about using jsbin.com. Never seen it before, it seems to help experiment with things, although I do not know how to use it fully.
For the example of p49 about the levels I am not sure what I am suppose to do with it though when I get to the linked page.
Am I suppose to type some command in the console to do various queries. I tried but had no luck. I notice I keep get back the value of 2. Not sure what that is about.
Perhaps a few examples of how to get results could help the reader get more about this example posted on jsbin.
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Re: Examples using jsbin
Actually I worked some of it out now. Yeah I am a beginner.

I can see now that I can experiment with the line
var $elements = $(".levels li:pointsHigherThan(50)");
By changing the 50 to 5 I can get a count of 3.

What command would the reader do to type out each line to the console so that the reader sees the actual values retrieved instead of the count as I think that could be more interesting? I suppose I am asking how do I see what is inside $elements as that would be rather interesting instead of just a count?
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Re: Examples using jsbin
Hi ddavie.

The console provided by JSbin is for output results only. If you want to experiment with the code you have to use the JS tab instead. More on how to use JSbin here: http://jsbin.tumblr.com/.