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I hope this is not a duplicated, I have checked and could not find it.
I am at 3.5.2, just added the onClickChat event handler. On Chrome it doesn't work, it does on Safari. I am on MacOS Maverick on a laptop.
I found out that
returns 15 on safari but 14 on Chrome - this breaks here:
px_chat_ht = jqueryMap.$chat.height(),
is_open = px_chat_ht === configMap.chat_extend_height,
is_closed = px_chat_ht === configMap.chat_retract_height
is_sliding = ! is_open && ! is_closed;

where is_sliding is always true so the chat div will never appear.

I have used a workaround
is_closed = px_chat_ht === configMap.chat_retract_height || px_chat_ht === configMap.chat_retract_height - 1,

but I would like to understand where this difference comes from and whether it's an error in my code or something on my system or else.