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The final version of the book has been out for some time. Many previous posts indicate additional content to be posted to

When will this content be posted?
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Re: Content
Yes it will. Orginally the first thing up was the lab setup, but we included that in the book. I'm going to be getting the lab answers up shortly.

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Re: Content
I would hate to be a bother, but I cannot find anything except promotional material for the various Lunches books on

Specifically, I was looking for what was mentioned on page 9:
"If you find that the instructions provided here aren’t detailed enough, please go to, where you’ll find a more detailed lab setup guide."

I haven't found this. Do I need to register there to see it?
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Re: Content
I too have had this book for a month or so and haven't got past page 9 because there is abolsutely nothing on the MoreLunches website except promotional stuff.

Doesnt look like there is any other way to contact the Author (I used Twitter but no reply).

Where is the detailed instructions for setting up the domain controller?
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I will be posting additional information shortly on There have been some changes to the direction of some of the technologies, such as using Desired State Configuration instead of the web farm framework. I'm putting together some papers on ti now.