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I skimmed through chapter 5 (Directives) because I wanted to learn about some of the more in-depth directive features and how to nest directives. I was interested in the transclude features of AngularJS directives, but I didn't see any mention of it. Will this be something that's going to be covered in the final cut of the book?

Directive transclusion is a bit of an advanced thing to include in an intro book, but I also feel like it's a powerful feature of AngularJS. I'd be interested to hear the author's opinion on if this should be part of the book's scope or if it's better left for developers to learn after they master the basics.
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Re: Directive transclusion
Hi Austin --
The challenge I kept running into when writing that chapter was how to find examples that worked with the application and was not totally contrived for the sake of talking about it.

With that said, if I can think of a way to work it in during the edits, I would be more than happy to do so. I would almost rather for the sake of the narrative, come up with a completely new example that makes sense and put it in an appendix or a blog post.