reka (3) [Avatar] Offline
In the first part of this section you could perhaps mention the difference between:
git diff
git diff master
(In my opinion it isn't intuitive, that they do different things.)

"git diff can take path arguments after to specify the differences only requested paths."
You can perhaps consider to add such an example.
I think, if someone only skims through a Discussion-section, it's helpful, if there is an example for each "topic" / argument you discuss. (perhaps on a separate line)

Generally I like the structure with Background-Problem-Solution-Discussion. I think, it's really convenient for a reader who is searching for sth specific.
I also like the idea of "line-by-line" explanations in the section Solution.
Mike McQuaid (83) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 1.6.4 git diff / Discussion
Fixed this, thanks. Will be in the next MEAP release.