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I have been implementing the SPA architecture in a relatively modest web app and one of the functions in one of the modules remains undefined and unreachable for reasons I cannot fathom (the name of the variable which holds a reference to the function is estimateNewBodyFat). It is declared at the top of the the closure function along with 2 other functions initModule and estimateRacingWeight, the former of which is returned as the public initialization function, the other is bound to a form's submit event using JQuery's on() method. estimateRacingWeight calls estimateNewBodyFat during its calculations. I verified that everything works as a stand-alone app with no closures, but since plugging these functions into an encapsulating closure function, estimateNewBodyFat always comes up undefined. The only obvious difference between the 3 functions is that estimateNewBodyFat takes several arguments. I've compared the code structurally to the examples in the book and everything seems set up the same way. Help!

Josh S.
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Re: Trouble with a function in a closure
Funny how this works... I no sooner posted this then went back to the code and the bug popped out like a sore thumb.
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Re: Trouble with a function in a closure
Glad we could help, let me know if you need anything else.