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jalc (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi there,

Here are my two cents in no particular order:

Diagrams made with creately and something like paint - I assume they're just drafts.

s/synch/sync - probably used because is more correct, but I always read "sync".

<bold>forma</bold>t - not sure where I saw this, but just once.

Summary: Quite redundant to explain what you've just read.

Figure 2.5 (and 2.6) the roll arrow should be drawn differently as it's ambiguous. I'll show Alex in person.

Examples of angle representations when talking about Euler angles, quaternions, matrices?

Quotes are for irony or literal strings, I’d use italic. "bugs" "boilerplate" (by the way, bugs is using typewriter double quotes (") and boilerplate uses curly ones (“))

Page 47 RUN_OVR_APP should be formatted.

Page 51 colon after “that includes” and no capital letters?

Page 55 similar

Page 43 ovrSensor.Clear()releases

Some of these are just things I'm used to do differently but I'm probably wrong smilie

General thoughts:
- Technically deep, entertaining, fun and even though I don't think I'll ever develop for the OR, a very interesting read.
- The many pages about C++ pointers were exactly right in the sense that I would never have thought of those problems by myself but maybe a bit too deep for Part 1. Possible solutions could be a note saying "if you're just copying and pasting, move to the next title" or moving it to another chapter.