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I originally bought this MEAP a while ago when I intended to learn Scala, but put off learning Scala and Scalatra until just recently.

I started with chapter 1 and read a little of chapter 2 over the last weekend, but today I went to chapter 12 to see how to build/deploy the Scalatra apps. When I started reading the chapter I noticed that this chapter has a feel of not being written by someone who's first language is English. There appear to be a large amount of grammatical mistakes, along with more typos than I noticed in chapter 1 and 2.

I'm going to write these up after I finish chapter 12.

BTW - The content of this book is very enjoyable. I have programmed professionally using Java and have coded for Java-based web applications (mainly server-side) for a LONG time. I also played with Ruby and Sinatra a little bit about a year ago and have recently written some Groovy code, so I find this book very easy to follow.
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Re: Chapter 12 Typos, Editing, etc.
Sorry, got the flu last week. Will complete an write up typos next week.