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cemsultan (19) [Avatar] Offline

I have completed chapter 5 and my comments are as follows:

1. Improvement suggestion: page 119, section 5.1.4, first point, change this part ‘…and then the value returned in case of a Stream with no elements;…’ to ‘…and will also be the value returned in case of a Stream with no elements;…’

2. Improvement suggestion: page 120, underneath Figure 5.2, it may be a good idea to change ‘The counting Collector we mentioned above…’ to ‘The counting Collector we mentioned in section 5.1 above...’ Upon reading this sentence initially, I thought it was the example just above as reading the word counting (the first time round) seemed like the summing example. Only after reading again 2 or 3 times as it didn’t make sense to me that I realised it was the counting example at the beginning of the chapter.

3. Typo Error: Page 124, section 5.2.1 Multi-level grouping, 3rd line of paragraph: The text: ‘second level classification function: “normal or diet.”’, should be, ‘second level classification function: “normal, diet or fat.”’.

4. Suggestion: May be more clarity regarding collectingAndThen() method? See page 126, after Listing 5.3, the paragraph that follows may need rewording to make it clearer that the type that it’s converted to is the type that the transformation function returns in the 2nd argument. Please note that may be the way it is at present may be just fine.

5. More explanation (possibly reword), page 139, section 5.4.1, IDENTITY_FINISH bullet point section. In my opinion, this part is not so clear as to what IDENTITY_FINISH is unless you read again and also continue to read the paragraph below it and it all fits in upon reading the section 5.4.2 Putting them all together.

6. Suggestion: page 142, section 5.5.1, last paragraph can be rewritten to be just a little more clearer with more information about what is to be achieved and the role of takeWhile() method and what the condition for Predicate will be.

I hope my contribution above helps.

Mario Fusco (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: My Comments & Suggestions for Chapter 5
Hi Cem,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I changed chapter 5 according with your suggestions and these changes will be available with the next MEAP release.