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No matter what I do I can't seem to convince Microsoft to cough up a copy of 8.1 Enterprise. Neither the technet link from the book (it never goes past 0%, then jumps back to the initial download page) or the direct link here:

is getting me anywhere. I'm starting to think there's an issue with Akamai; I've tried various circuits, firewall routers, browsers and OSes. I have access to 8.1 Pro through our license agreement - will that work for the demo hydration process?
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Re: Is 'Windows 8.1 Enterprise' required, or will 'Pro' work?
I guess the question became academic; I figured out that the Enterprise version doesn't show up in the volume licensing service web page browse list, but DOES come up if you type it into the search box, so I've got the real thing. Keeping my fingers crossed as I put all the pieces together.
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In spite of this not being an issue for the requester, I think it's important to answer, and should be spelled out in the book (i.e., "Windows 8 Pro will also work" or "Windows 8 Pro will not work").