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Is there a changelog of what's been changed between v1 and v2 of the book? That would be helpful for me to revisit the changed parts.
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Re: Changelog?
Hi Peter,

This is a very good point. I have to talk to my DE about how is the changelog maintained.

Until then, here are the major changes:

- new chapter 4 about data abstraction
- new section 2.4.10 about provided higher-level types (page 66 in the pdf)

Other than that, I did just a couple of minor changes. Some of those are just materialized ??? references to other chapters. In addition, I addressed some minor points you made here in the forum (e.g. I removed my bias toward multi-clause vs classical conditional constructs).

However, I didn't address all of your comments, as I'm still waiting for the feedback of the technical review organized by Manning. When this comes back, I'll compile all feedbacks and decide what to do.

So the only thing needs revisiting is the section 2.4.10
You may also want to skim the section 3.3 to see how I tried to be more objective about different conditional techniques.
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Re: Changelog?

I have introduced a new topic called Changelog, where I'll list significant changes for each new version.