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raoul-gabriel.urma (37) [Avatar] Offline
Hi guys,

Thank you all of you for your feedback and encouragements. We need your feedback on the new chapter 8 "Default methods". Does section 8.3 "Useful default methods to compose lambda expressions" have its place in the chapter or would you rather see it come earlier in chapter 3 [or somewhere else]?

cemsultan (19) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Feedback needed on chapter 8
Hi Raoul,

I have just now read section 8.3 in chapter 8 for you and my thoughts are as follows:

Learning the new concepts in Java 8 can be somewhat a challenging task especially for software engineers without much maths background. The approach that you have taken thus so far is an incremental approach, which is good. I think cramping in too much information at the beginning chapters is not so wise. Therefore, keeping section 8.3 in chapter 8 (which is a chapter dedicated to default methods) seems to be the better option. Having said that, Yagiz suggested that it could be worthwhile pointing out that all of those three generic functional interfaces (Predicate<T>, Consumer<T> and Function<T, R>smilie have default methods. Hence, having in chapter 3 just one or two sentences explaining these functional interfaces have default methods and what can be achieved should suffice.

murraytodd (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Feedback needed on chapter 8
I found section 8.3 completely jarring and distracting. My brain was in gear to learn about default methods and how to write and use them, and then all of a sudden we were back in functional programming and chaining things.

I don't think that section belongs in chapter 8, unless you put it at the very end. And even then, it still feels like if anywhere it would be more thematically appropriate to have it back in chapter 3.
undjask (13) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Feedback needed on chapter 8
I finished reading chapter 8. Sec. 8.3, didn't distract me at all, actually it was quite nice reading about a sensible combination between lambdas and default-methods.

But there is one thing that bothers me. I think ch. 8 is rather short. I mean, is that all that one can say about default methods? Are they really that boring? I also miss ideas regarding the usage of default methods in contexts like design patterns or some other fancy stuff.
raoul-gabriel.urma (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Feedback needed on chapter 8
I've moved it from chapter 8 to chapter 3 towards the end. Let me know if the flow still works [and whether it's not putting too much burden on chapter 3]

It's available in the new Meap update sent today.