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cemsultan (19) [Avatar] Offline

I have now completed chapter 4 - what a brilliant chapter.

My suggestions are:

1. In Query 1 in page 99, section 4.6.2, we can access the instance method getValue() via ClassName::instanceMethod (in our case, Transaction::getValue() rather than instanceObject::instanceMethod. A quick explanation that instance objects in an array List are accessed via ClassName::instanceMethod and any other related information that's useful.

2. In the JavaDocs it states that if the Stream is unordered, no stability guarantees are made. I’m not sure if this point to covered in later chapters to come, but if not, a quick note with directions would be useful.

3. Page 71, Figure 4.1: the figure (at the top) refers to 'sorted' as Lambda expression when it should referred to as method reference.

4. Page 97, Table 4.3 title should be Intermediate & terminal operations (as both are included). And also in the table, forEach operation, the return type should be void (without the initial capital letter V), and the count operation return type should be long.

5. Page 98, section 4.6, point 1, and also repeated on page 99, section 4.6.2, Query 1, I think you meant, all transactions ‘in’ year 2011 (as opposed to ‘from’ year 2011)

6. Page 110, section 4.8.8, Generate. In the example using anonymous class (IntSupplier) for the generate() method, where the class has state, the Fibonnacci output results start from 1 as opposed to 0.

7. Page 111, Summary section, point 7, 'unique' should be 'distinct'.

* And finally on page 88, section 4.4.2, Short-circuiting evaluation: typo error: ‘…to create a stream of a given [?] without processing…'.

I can't wait to complete chapter 5!!