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yagiz (27) [Avatar] Offline

In 3.4 Functional Interfaces 3 generic functional interfaces are explained: Predicate<T>, Consumer<T> and Function<T, R>.

- Just because an earlier section mentioned "default interfaces" while defining what is a functional interface, it could be worthwhile pointing out that all of those three generic functional interfaces have default methods.

- One of the principles (or corner stones) of FP is using pure functions. Pure functions don't have any side effects. So from that point of view "side effect" is to be avoided. Maybe this should be mentioned in the section 3.4.2 outlining "Consumer<T>".

- (3.5.2) One of the functional interfaces mentioned in the section called "Special void-compatibility rule" is Block<T>. Unless I'm missing something, this is an old interface that used to be in the early versions of Lambda API that is not part of the current version of Java 8 API.

I've really enjoyed the book so far. Keep up the good work.
Thank you.

Edited to add the 3rd remark.

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raoul-gabriel.urma (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Functional Interfaces
Hi yagiz,

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding 1) see my new post here: I'm wondering whether to include that content in chapter 3 directly.

2) good point

3) fixed for next meap update smilie