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I was pleasantly surprise about the email announcing a new MEAP version with an added chapter about forms and validation, because I am just working on implementing/tightening the validation in our app.

However I found the chapter not very helpful. It doesn't give any more insight than the tutorial on the ng site.

How about integration custom validation logic? (The checksum on the part number must be correct.)
How to deal with cross-field validation? (Vacation start date must be before end date.)
How about doing server side checks? (The user name must be unique among all registered users.)
How to deal with errors that are only send by the server when trying to save? (Regardless on how good the validation is, there may always be errors that occur only when trying to actually perform the action. (Like the user name has been taken by somebody else after the last validation run.))

By the way: A special quirk was noticed by our testers, for which there seems to be no workaround: On Chrome (which implements html 5 validation attributes), if you have an 'input type="number" ' which is not also "required" then it can have alphabetic characters in it, and still is valid to ng.