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BobCochran (92) [Avatar] Offline
I'm a little sad at the lack of Node.js coverage in Chapter 3. Ruby is great, but lacks the universality of JavaScript. I think I can muddle through the chapter by reading the official Mongo documentation for the Node 'mongodb' driver. I'm starting to get some results from both the 'users' and the 'numbers' collections which I created as I followed along in Chapter 2:

$ node test_mongo.js
count = 2
[ { _id: 52db13ceec9f5f9f62557111,
country: 'Canada',
favorites: { cities: [Object], movies: [Object] },
username: 'Smith' },
{ _id: 52db1483ec9f5f9f62557112,
country: 'USA',
favorites: { movies: [Object] },
username: 'Jones' } ]
$ node test_mongo_tutorial_numbers.js
count = 200000
$ node test_mongo_tutorial_numbers.js
count = 200000
[ { _id: 52dbd97debac31cddd97ea60, num: 199996 },
{ _id: 52dbd97debac31cddd97ea61, num: 199997 },
{ _id: 52dbd97debac31cddd97ea62, num: 199998 },
{ _id: 52dbd97debac31cddd97ea63, num: 199999 } ]

I have to learn how to extract the data from these arrays. I'm new to JavaScript. With that said, the book plus researching other resources is working for me.