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douglasv (316) [Avatar] Offline
the links don't work
very nice book so far.
sjuric (109) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
Thank you for pointing this out. I'll see what can be done.
sjuric (109) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
Sorry for waiting so long for this.

Unfortunately, due to Manning internal tools, that create these PDF files, hyperlinks are not clickable. I have transformed them into footnotes, which is needed for the print format anyway. This at least makes it possible to see the url, and copy/paste it manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
douglasv (316) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
To create links in pdf is very easy. Literally a No Brainer!!!

Your editor is not using the "Proper Tools" to create your book!!!
They should be using "Adobe's Acrobat!"
You should consider trading this Editor for a more competent Editor

For Instance: Help from acrobat 9 (old version) :

1)-- Create web links

Choose Advanced > Document Processing > Create Links From URLs.
In the Create Web Links dialog box, select All to create links from all URLs in the document, or select From and enter a page range to create links on selected pages.

2)-- Navigate with links

Choose the Select tool .
Position the pointer over the linked area on the page until the pointer changes to the hand with a pointing finger. A plus sign (+) or a w appears within the hand if the link points to the web. Then click the link.

Links can take you to another location in the current document, to other PDF documents, or to websites. Clicking a link can also open file attachments and play 3D content, movies, and sound clips. To play these media clips, you must have the appropriate hardware and software installed.

The person who created the PDF document determines what links look like in the PDF.
Note: Unless a link was created in Acrobat using the Link tool, you must have the Automatically Detect URLs From Text option selected in the General preferences for a link to work correctly.
douglasv (316) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
I just opened Elixir in Action Meap in my Adobe Acrobat 9, (old version)

I opened page 17

In about 20 seconds I created a functional link for Footnote 1 --
In another 20 seconds I created a functional link for Footnote 2 --
So from your meap I can click the links and be taken to the websites!
All well under 1 minute!!!

Tools -> Advanced Editing -> link tool
lasso Footnote 1 link, chose invisible rectangle
select radio button "Open a Web Page" -> Next
in "Edit URL dialog" enter the url -> finish
File -> save
close/open meap
open page 17 -> click link and it takes you to the web site.
You should be able to edit "Any" pdf document from "Adobe Acrobat"
unless security restriction!
sjuric (109) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
Hi Douglas,

Thank you for the tips. However, the problem is a bit more convoluted due to the way PDFs are produced.

Essentially, I submit the text as an XML that must conform to a custom schema used by Manning. This is then converted to pdf using internal Manning tools.

From what I have gathered, lack of links is simply a feature of the tools that produce PDFs for MEAP. If I understood correctly, this will work in the final version, but not in these intermediate releases.

Therefore, the best (possibly the only) thing I can do is to forward your remarks to the tool developers/maintainers in hope this will get resolved.

Thank you for noticing this. I am myself not happy about the current state, and I'll see what can be done. For the moment, pure URLs that can be copy-pasted to the browser are the best I can do.

Best regards,
douglasv (316) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
I bought many many manning books and
the links always worked, I guess it depends on
who they assign to your manifest
sjuric (109) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
Huh, that's very interesting!

I'll ask around and see the reason. I'm pretty sure it's not up to my editor, because I think pdf is generated automatically from the input xml. Maybe something is not correct in my the xml then.

Thanks again,
douglasv (316) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
I'm enjoying your book
Let's hope you write more books
sjuric (109) [Avatar] Offline
Re: links
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it so far!