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ezimanyi (3) [Avatar] Offline

I am using Mondrian 4.0 and Saiku, obtained from the following address

When I use the solution proposed in Section 5.1.4 Using a dimension twice in the same cube I get an error message

mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Internal error: Could not find path to time
Caused by: mondrian.rolap.RolapSchema$PhysSchemaException: Could not find a path from time as time_1 to any of [time]

Am I doing something wrong ? I can send the xml schema file or summarize it in a a message.


william.back (28) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Shared dimensions used several times in the same cube
Can you upload the XML here (not sure if the site supports uploads, bub maybe insert)? Sounds like an error in the schema.
ezimanyi (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Shared dimensions used several times in the same cube
Many thanks for your quick reply William!

I don't know how to upload files here. If you send me an email to I can send you the XML file.

In any case, the structure of the XML schema file is as follows

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Schema name="NorthwindDW" metamodelVersion="4.0">
<Table name="category" keyColumn="categorykey" />
<Table name="product" keyColumn="productkey" />
<Table name="sales" />
<Table name="time" keyColumn="timekey">
<Link source="category" target="product" foreignKeyColumn="categorykey" />
<Link source="time" target="sales" foreignKeyColumn="orderdatekey" />
<Link source="time" target="sales" foreignKeyColumn="duedatekey" />
<Link source="time" target="sales" foreignKeyColumn="shippeddatekey" />

<Dimension name="Time" table="time" type="TIME" key="Time Key" >

<Cube name="Sales" defaultMeasure="Sales Amount">
<!-- Shared dimensions -->
<Dimension name="Order Date" source="Time" />
<Dimension name="Due Date" source="Time" />
<Dimension name="Shipped Date" source="Time" />
<!-- Dimensions -->

<MeasureGroup table="sales">
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Customer" foreignKeyColumn="customerkey" />
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Supplier" foreignKeyColumn="supplierkey" />
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Employee" foreignKeyColumn="employeekey" />
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Order Date" foreignKeyColumn="orderdatekey" />
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Due Date" foreignKeyColumn="duedatekey" />
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Shipped Date" foreignKeyColumn="shippeddatekey" />
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Product" foreignKeyColumn="productkey" />
<FactLink dimension="Order" />
<ForeignKeyLink dimension="Shipper" foreignKeyColumn="shipperkey" />


ezimanyi (3) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Shared dimensions used several times in the same cube
Any news on this ? How to define a shared dimension and use it several times in the same cube ? This is a typical situation with Time dimensions ...
Any help on this is most appreciated.
wahmed (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Shared dimensions used several times in the same cube
I am facing the similar problem. Any solution?