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tcadams289 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Guys,

Using this mutable IntSupplier means it can't be used in a parallel stream - correct?

You might want to make a point about side effects and mutating state in this section? I'm looking for some quick rules of thumb - good idea, bad idea when is it ok?

raoul-gabriel.urma (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Section 4.8 Fibonnancci IntSupplier
Hi Tom,

Yes you are right the IntSupplier with mutable state is not parallel safe.
E.g. If you run it with parallel() and compute the sum of first 10 elements:


You may get surprising different results at each run instead of the correct answer 143

I was even wondering whether I should include that example at all in the section to avoid this style. What do you think? Is it useful knowledge?

A side box with quick rules of thumb sounds like a great idea! We also have a section coming up in chapter 6 about quick rules of thumbs to run parallel streams efficiently.