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I see that the Spring-modules-jcr project, which is provided in the book download code, needs to be built and installed into my maven m2 directory before I can build and deploy recipe 12-1. Ok, so I open the Srping-modules-jcr project in intellij and set up the maven project. Then, in a terminal command line, I execute a maven clean (no problem), followed by a maven install, which resulted in a multitude of compiler errors, most, if not all, having to do with missing packages that were not found as required by the import statements. IE:

spring-modules-jcr/src/main/java/org/springmodules/jcr/jackrabbit/[25,47] error: package org.springframework.beans.factory.config does not exist

... and on line 25 in that java class there exists:
import org.springframework.beans.factory.config.AbstractFactoryBean;

.....however there is no dependency in the POM file for "org.springframework.beans...." So I added the following to the pom file in the spring-modules-jcr project:


.... also needed to add the following in order to get a clean build / install:


..... Then I had a successfull build and install into the m2 dir.

Another item I noticed is the URL'S specified in the <repositories> elements do not work. When I take the URL as stated in the pom for the Spring Framework Maven Release Repository and put that in a browser I get a 404 returned. In doing some research I discovered that I had to put a forward slash "/" at the end of that URL. That then found the web page. As far as the other repo specified - Spring Framework Maven External Repository - The URL specified there also returned a 404. In researching this one it looks like the URL to be used is, which takes you to this web page:, but I'm not sure if that page will serve our purpose on this project.

Anyway, just wanted to post this to let you folks know of the issues I had with the spring-modules-jcr project. I would appreciate any confirmation that those dependencies are indeed missing and are required in the pom and /or suggestions concerning if I in fact did the right thing here or was all that I had done not necessary.

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