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Just purchased the MEAP.

As a forever-and-a-day loyal IDEA user, I'm glad you chose to illustrate the setup using Android Studio.

(To nip any whining up front: Eclipse users don't complain.. I've managed to follow along with other Android resources illustrating everything in Eclipse, while I used IDEA, and I managed just fine, so I'm sure you can do the same.)
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Re: Quick Thanks for illustrating using Android Studio
Thanks for the post. Yes, we thought that Android Eclipse users were already provided for by other books and wanted something a little different. I'm also a fan of IntelliJ based IDEs: I use RubyMine quite a bit. The materials used in the book are actually based on material we teach in a four-day course for industry, and for that we use Eclipse. It's good to read that you were able to recreate the examples using Eclipse as well as AS.