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Hi, I'm currently using a text editor called WebStorm and I wonder if you plan to discuss how to use Git from within a text editor graphical interface. WebStorm apparently has some "hooks" for using some type of version control. I haven't experimented with them yet but based on experience with other text editors, I think the version control features are either terribly broken, or I'm terribly stupid, or both these things. There is another possibility that saves me from embarrassment: perhaps the version control features work fine but require a wizard of a writer to investigate and then explain them to ordinary coders like me. Perhaps you'd like the job? You could discuss using Git in the context of the popular text editors.


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Re: Incorporating Git Into Text Editors
This is probably beyond the current scope of the book. There's just too many text editors used by software engineers for this to be specific enough to be useful, unfortunately. Additionally my workflow is to use Git outside of a text editor on the command-line so I'd need to learn what I'm doing before writing a novice opinion on it.

Thanks for the comments, though.