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The introduction and first two chapters of your book don't appear to mention the software versions of Git that you are working with. Also you don't mention any software dependencies or the versions used. When I ran

`git diff HEAD^'

for myself in one of my repositories, I thought I saw a difference in output compared to your screenshot in Listing 2.4, specifically the "Index SHA-1 changes" line was missing in my own output. I was running Git version built from source code. However, now I'm wondering if I just didn't look hard enough?

It looked to me as if you are using a more recent version of Git than I am, so I cloned the Git source code repository and did a profile build just now. Now I'm at git version

You may want to discuss the version of Git (and the versions of its dependencies) you are using for the book.


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Re: Baseline Software Versions
Good points. I plan on doing doing this close to the final release of the book; ensuring a consistent version is used throughout and redoing all the listings accordingly.