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When I read text books, I like to type out the code and run it.

After going through chapters 1 to 3, I've found it easy to follow along. Thanks for this.

On a second note, I got a bit stuck on ch 4 since I couldn't figure out how to start the node server. I'd appreciate any help.


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Re: Good Code Examples
Thanks! Appreciate the positive feedback...

As for the server... node app.js on the command line should do the trick
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Re: Good Code Examples
I agree with the quality of code examples in general. For chapter 4, I was only able to run the code by using absolute URLs for the GET and POST requests and enabling CORS on ExpressJS. Is there a more simple way to run the AngularJS application in this case?

I would also love to see the code kept on different Git branches, similarly to the way the 'Spring in Practice' code is kept, allowing to show the different changes being done in time to the code. Thank you.
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Re: Good Code Examples
I agree