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HarleyGolfGuy (8) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, this new book looks very interesting. I read the first chapter and at the end there is a nice table with the types of problems we can solve with machine learning. I am interested in using historical data in order to determine root cause, will this be covered at all in this book? It seems sort of like Imputation, the missing data being the root cause, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing.
henrik.brink (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Machine Learning to determine root cause?
Without being an expert in root cause analysis, I would say the way to use machine learning for RCA is to build a classifier that can return the feature importance where the target is the particular (un)wanted event. E.g. the classifier returns a ranking of how important each feature was in the building of the model.

There are several algorithms that support this kind of model introspection, one of the more popular ones being Random Forest. In the upcoming chapter 3 and algorithm appendix, we will talk a bit about this.

Does that help?