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J. Merrill (3) [Avatar] Offline
It's hard to know if this is a flaw in the output or a flaw in the Android epub reader I'm using (Aldiko, the consensus "best" reader). For example


<code class="Code">1: first line</code> <code class="Code">2: second line</code> <code class="Code"> </code>

There is nothing to explicitly make each line appear on a separate line; Firefox for example does put them on separate lines but Aldiko runs them together. (I also can't seem to do anything in this web editor to make the text starting "There is nothing" appear on a new line, or to reduce the space before the "

36785 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Same problem in Cool Reader.

It would also be easier to read when subheadings had a bold style + bigger font. Also code and images should be offset more from the rest of the text with margins or borders.
36785 (4) [Avatar] Offline
I just had a look at V18 of the book and it's still unreadable as EPUB (no spaces between paragraphs, headlines are formatted like the rest of the text, no spacing around headlines, all code is a single line of text). I'll try Calibre later.

Can someone suggest an EPUB reader where the book looks good?
350596 (3) [Avatar] Offline
Also in the epub reader Aldiko on a 7" Android tablet, the book's figures (e.g. Figure 2.8) are too small to read and the tables (e.g. Table 3.4) fit only in landscape mode.

In portrait mode the leftmost table columns take up all the space while the rightmost column(s) get scrunched down to 1 character width or less, depending on the chosen text size.
36785 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Final release looks good in Calibre (at least the first chapter).