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After trying dynamic schema processor (and not being able to solve problems with cacheing) I'm trying to use dynamic role modification, but I can't compile the sample (downloaded the fixed version) of Listing 8.7.
I'm getting the error "The hierarchy of the type CustomMDXConnection is inconsistent".
I'm referencing mondrian-3.5.0.jar, pentaho-bi-platform-plugin-services-4.8.0-stable.jar, pentaho-bi-platform-engine-core-4.8.0-stable.jar and pentaho-bi-platform-api-4.8.0-stable.jar on a jre7.
What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Can't compile listing 8.7 on Pentaho 4.8 with Mondrian 3.5
I've not seen this error before, but have compiled the code from chapter 8 against Pentaho 4.8.2 without error.

From a quick search it appears this file can occur when in include of your file references something in another .jar. I notice that in your list you don't list the olap4j or eigenbase .jars. They should also be in your class path. I typically just add the pentaho/WEB-INF/lib jars to my project.