Bob McGnome (1) [Avatar] Offline
I can't get Listing 2.11 to run as written (but I'm very new to this so, it could be something I've done).

This does not work:
SELECT CreateTopology('ch02_topology',4326);

Looking at the PostGIS files suggests:
SELECT topology.CreateTopology('ch02_topology',4326);

This does have the desired result. Not sure if this is me or a typo (probably me).
regina.leo (265) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Listing 2.11
topology schema should have been added to your database search_path during install. If its in your search_path, you don't need to explicitly reference it.

It's possible the user you are logging in as has its own search_path setting which would override the database search_path.

Can you check

SHOW search_path;

to see if topology is in it?