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Having performed the steps up to section 1.5.5, the book requests that I "Make sure that the Applications, Operating System and Task Sequences folders are populated with content, like in Figure 1.5."

However, my Applications section was empty and the DS folder was not shared. My host is Windows 2012.

After changing the script 2_MergeDeploymentShareWithHydrationKit.ps1 as follows and manually sharing the folder, the MDT was correctly configured.

Copy-Item -Path "C:HydrationCM2012R2SourceDS" -Destination "C:HydrationCM2012R2" -Recurse -Verbose -Force
Copy-Item -Path "C:HydrationCM2012R2SourceISOControl" -Destination "C:HydrationCM2012R2ISOContentDeploy" -Recurse -Verbose -Force

Copy-Item -Path "CsmilieOWNLOADSHydrationCM2012R2SourceDS" -Destination "C:HydrationCM2012R2" -Recurse -Verbose -Force
Copy-Item -Path "CsmilieOWNLOADSHydrationCM2012R2SourceISOControl" -Destination "C:HydrationCM2012R2ISOContentDeploy" -Recurse -Verbose -Force