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Curious when the new edition of Hello World will be available, and what the main differences are with this new edition?
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Re: HelloWorld 2nd Edition
The 2nd Edition is now available directly from Manning and it is also In Stock on Amazon.

Main differences are:
- Printed in full color (including syntax-colored code listings)
- Uses PyQt instead of PythonCard
- Adds a section on Python Dictionaries
- Adds a chapter on details of how the Skier program works
- Adds a chapter where you write AI bots to compete in PythonBattle
- Adds more details on the differences between Python 2 and Python 3. (The examples still use Python 2.)
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Re: HelloWorld 2nd Edition
For those of us who bought the first edition, will the second edition be available as a free or discounted download?

I bought the first edition in November before I knew the 2nd edition was about to be released. B^(

- Jasen.