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Given that you namespace your CSS files starting with `spa.css`, how could Twitter's Bootcamp be used in conjunction with your method of developing SPAs?
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Re: Using Twitter's Bootcamp with SPA shell
Hi Mathew:

You can use Bootcamp to generate the CSS and then change the class names, as I did at a fairly recent consulting gig (someone else had generated the classes).

Bootcamp is a tool to help you save some time, and it can get us started with a nice theme, especially if we are artistically challenged. It doesn't do everything for us though. Now they might at some point include support for CSS prefixes - or maybe they do already do - but in any event, its isn't that hard to do a global refactor these days (webstorm has a very nice refactoring interface, for example).

Also, bootcamp CSS can be overkill or poorly optimized for our use. In any event, it is useful early in development; the CSS should rarely be used as our final product. Otherwise, our CSS will conflict with other bootcamp generated content from third-party vendors.

Cheers, Mike