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J. Merrill (3) [Avatar] Offline
Without the "how to install" and "Scala basics" appendices, I'll be reduced to googling for the most basic information needed to get started. Surely the authors have installed at least once -- just a few "if nothing goes wrong, here are steps to do an install" sentences would be helpful.

I was really looking forward to having the second of these sentences (from page 7) be true --

Several of us come from PHP, Ruby and C# backgrounds, so we know how daunting it can be to be suddenly thrust not just into the land of Scala, but also into the dark and sinister world of the JVM. We will provide a well-lit path for you. [end quote]
StefanOllinger (8) [Avatar] Offline
Re: I'm needing the appendices that aren't there yet

In order to create a Scalatra project you need to install a JVM, g8 and SBT.
g8 creates projects from templates. It can be found here:
SBT is the build tool to load all dependencies and can be found here:

Is there anything else you are missing?

Grypho (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: I'm needing the appendices that aren't there yet
I know this thread is a bit out of date and I'm aware that there is nothing terrible in downloading and installing sbt, but I think that it would be great to have a working virtual machine with all the software, the book examples, usefull documentation, exercises, etc. ready to download.

In my opinion such solution is useful for newcomers to start minding scalatra rather than installation of sbt and other stuff, it's also useful for those who want to try scalatra without installing software they are not sure they want and finally it's useful for the impatient ones who want to try soon the examples in the book.

I found very useful this idea in "Mondrian in Action" and think it should add value to the book and attract more potential readers than just a list of programs to download and install.