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Would it be possible to remove one of the duplicate headings in the PDF index?
Having 'Single Page Web Applications' repeated twice on the top row creates loads of unnecessary whitespace that obscures the contents unless I extend the width to more than 50% of the book width.
I tend to read with an IDE alongside so this space is valuable.

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Re: PDF Index Headings
Hi Ross:

I gave this a bit of a go, and haven't had any luck yet. You might try something like PDF studio to adjust the contents,. (this is a demo version). If you try it and it works, please let me know.

I have also forwarded this to the production editor to see if she can do anything. I agree the listing is at best clumsy. I also see it in my PDF viewer [ KDE's Okular on Kubuntu Linux], though it doesn't trouble me as I am able to resize the contents pane. Might you use a different viewer to get the same effect?

Cheers, Mike
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Re: PDF Index Headings
Hi Mike,

I tried Adobe and Okular and whilst they are an improvement with the column headings, they lack in other ways.
Neither highlight where you are in the index very well. Nor do they expand the sections as you scroll through the document. Adobe also doesn't display page numbers.

Thanks for looking into it.