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Hello James,
I read thru first chapter and have some general questions.

1) Reading TOC I don't see Software Updates. As I see connectivity to Endpoint (which is there), I'd like to know if you plan to add Software Updates to the book. Based on my practice, I think it will help to lot of people.
2) Do you plan to describe different ConfigMgr roles somewhere? Just for reference. Even a link to something like this: can help.
3) Summary for log files - I like the way you are introducing different log files. Do you plan to do some summary at the end of book (should be good for general reference).

The concrete questions I have to different chapters will send as new topic later. Looking forward for next chapters.

David "Makovec" Moravec
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Re: General questions
Talking about those "next chapters" is there some timeline regarding releases of following chapters?
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Re: General questions
Hi David,

Yes, there is a plan to include Software Updates as a complete chapter. It will be positioned at some point after Operating System Deployment.

Explaining the different roles as a summary is a good idea - I will look at including that as an appendix, otherwise it starts crossing a bit too much into architecture, which I'm not really covering in this book.

Again, good idea with the log files - this was raised in an editorial meeting. I will include a reference as an appendix.

Thanks very much for the feedback.

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Re: General questions
Working on it as fast as we can smilie
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Re: General questions
Just wanted to say I'm very pleased with this book and it has been very helpful and totally practical. I know the info is out there buried in Technet but it's great to have the structure and practicality of the lunches series. I wish the book whole book was available now as I'm in the middle of a SCCM implementation, but I appreciate the early access to the available chapters. You guys are great and are indeed helping the sysadmin. More luches series please smilie I'll buy them all!
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Re: General questions
Hi James, when can we expect the next update?
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Re: General questions
Hi - you can expect it imminently. There are a few small updates I have to make to some of the early chapters and then the MEAP will be updated with a load more content, including lots on OSD. I'm going to have those updates done within the next one or two days.

Thank you for your patience with this.