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Hi Mike,

The utilities listing 4.6 is missing explanations that you have inserted so beneficially in other places in the book.

Not sure if I got the point on all of those. Maybe in a future version??


setConfigMap = function ( arg_map ){
input_map = arg_map.input_map,
settable_map = arg_map.settable_map,
config_map = arg_map.config_map,
key_name, error;

here input_map was populated with arg_map, and so was config_map. Then what is the whole point of setting
config_map(key_name) = input_map(key_name);

in the following section

for ( key_name in input_map ){
if ( input_map.hasOwnProperty( key_name ) ){
if ( settable_map.hasOwnProperty( key_name ) ){
config_map[key_name] = input_map[key_name];

Thank you much for any tips.
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Re: Listing 4.6 - where are the explanation bullets?
Hi Piyushmehta:

Sorry for the delay, but I have been on holiday.

The setConfigMap utility is used to set the configuration map values in a controlled way. Since this is a common requirements across many modules, we have made it a common utility.

spa.util.setConfigMap is called by nearly all modules that provide configuration options. When the developer using the API calls spa.chat.configModule({ slider_open_em : 18, slider_super_em : 26 }), the spa.chat module calls the utility to adjust configMap in a consistent manner.

The input_map is the map of settings the developer using the API wishes to set, { slider_open_em : 18, slider_super_em : 26 } in the above example.

The settable_map is used by the utility to determine which keys are acceptable. For example, settable_map = { slider_open_em : true }; Every module that uses this utility contains a list of allowable keys.

The config_map is a reference to the configMap data structure to be updated- spa.chat.configMap in this example.

Notice in our example the API user requested that spa.chat.configMap.slider_super_em be set to 26. However, that key is *not* in the settable_map and therefore will *not* be set.

I hope that helps!

Cheers, Mike

ps. One can extend this utility to not only check for keys but also against a schema. This is NOT shown directly in the book, but all the pieces to put this together are shown. For example, settable_map could use a JSON schema to ensure that only integers between 10 and 100 would be allowed for the slider_open_em parameter. One has to balance the cost of such checking with the benefits. I have written a module that does this form of checking but the downside is it's syntax is distinct from JSON schema. However, it is much easier to use and introduces significantly less overhead.
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Re: Listing 4.6 - where are the explanation bullets?

Thank you. Hope you come back relaxed.

I have a followup question related to this line:

config_map[key_name] = input_map[key_name];

why are you setting the key_name only? And not key_value?
don't you need both to be set on config_map??