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jeffmad (5) [Avatar] Offline
As a new student of Clojure, we often hear people sing the praises of the REPL, but it is not really too clear on how it is used other than simple functions (+ 1 3). What if you make a typo or find a bug? How do you fix it? Once you have a few functions working, how do you save them to a file?

I think it would be valuable to show an example that demonstrates how experienced clojure devs work: in an editor, write some code, load it into the repo, load test code, run it, make fixes, refresh the REPL. run it again. You seem to hint around it in ch. 2 and 10, but stackoverflow suggests that this question comes up a lot.

Contrast that development style to most devs working on a web app - change code in IDE, build, deploy web app locally (wait), run http request, look at output, rinse repeat.
amitrathore (132) [Avatar] Offline
Re: repl example
Check out chapter 10 - about TDD and REPL-driven development

Let me know if that's helpful with this...