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einnocent (19) [Avatar] Offline
How do the patterns in SOA Patterns relate to or map to the patterns described in the book Enterprise Integration Patterns? I realize this is a large, open question, and I don't expect a rigorously complete answer, just a summary.

arnonrgo (62) [Avatar] Offline
Re: SOA Patterns and Enterprise Integration Patterns
Well, I really hope someone would jump in here as I am obviously biased so you should probably take what I am saying with a grain of salt, but here goes

I'd like to think of SOA patterns as a complementary book - where EIP deals with more fundamental/foundational patterns around messaging & integration in general.
My book is about patterns for a specific style of systems - SOAs : where you break a system into smallish components, that are relatively loosely coupled and where the emphasis is about flexibility.

As for patterns some build on EIP patterns and puts them in context for SOA and some aren't - you can read a lot of drafts pattern on my site ( ) and decide for yourself if they are worthwhiel

Lastly I can quote from Gregor Hohpe's (one of EIP authors) forward to my book :
"When Bobby Woolf and I wrote Enterprise Integration Patterns…we decided to focus on messaging patterns first, with the hope of covering service patterns in the future. Alas, we never managed to complete that formidable task, so we are doubly thankful to Arnon—not only did he document the significant body of knowledge on SOA, he also filled in an important gap that we had left. Well done."