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Philippe Baumard (19) [Avatar] Offline
From manual Neo4J version 2.0.0-M05
Labels group the Nodes
“Nodes —are grouped by→ Labels —into→ Sets”
Labels are a means of grouping the nodes in the graph. They can be used to restrict queries to subsets
of the graph, as well as enabling optional model constraints and indexing rules.

From Neo4J in Action (p:25)
(Figure 2.5 Introducing type properties to differentiate between User and Movie elements)

Neo4j in Action does not speak about Label, why ?
nickithewatt (7) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What about the lake of property "Label" ? That seams a great perspective!
Hi Philippe,

The book has primarily concentrated on the 1.x Neo4j implementation (Labels have been introduced for the upcoming Neo4j 2.0 release path) however 2.0 has not been officially released (its on milestone m05 currently as you point out).

We are looking to add in some references to any 2.0 features (such as labels) which will impact things in the various chapters where appropriate, however the bulk of the instructions/content is based on the current stable production release (1.9.3)

Thomas57 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What about the lake of property "Label" ? That seams a great perspective!
Neo4j 2.0 has been released. Can the focus of the book be changed to 2.0 ?


stephenc (22) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What about the lake of property "Label" ? That seams a great perspective!
Unfortunately, it's a book about 1.x for a 2.x audience from a 0.x mindset. A year-and-a-half ago, in August 2012, I suggested in these forums that the book was already heading in the wrong direction. I'm sorry for the author, but think it needs a complete rewrite if it is to be relevant and maintain the standards of other Manning books.

The problem is that the book was started in June 2012, when the author's direction made some sense. For example, he argues that Cypher is a young technology which justifies the focus on the embedded version and the use of Java API for traversals for flexibility and speed. But Cypher has matured significantly since 1.8.

The book uses 1.8 syntax for Cypher, showing you how to still run older syntax in later versions of Neo4j. Note that even the O'Reilly Graph Databases book published in June 2013, which uses the 2.0 syntax, is out-of-date for Cypher queries. It's a fast-moving technology, but that's exactly what MEAP books are meant to be for.

It's a shame there aren't more books on Neo4j. The lack of them puts greater pressure on this one to be better.

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Thomas57 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Re: What about the lake of property "Label" ? That seams a great perspective!
Agreed exactly.

The MEAP update email from 1/31/2014 meantions a 2.0 upgrade. So there is hope.

Cypher with 2.0 and the new indexes and label came a long way - I use cypher 2.0 exclusively at work, and for my problem area, I can solve problems 3 to 10 times as fast as with SQLServer.

But this book is not helpful for my cypher work, as it is away out dated.

Author, please make 2.0 the focus - the book has such a great and thoughtful graph DB intro and comparison.