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Dear Authors,
Please create an actual complete Errata list and corrections that YOU have written. Having to look at a thread by users that may or may not be accurate or misleading is a huge waste of time. When I buy a book I expect an Errata that is updated buy the Authors as errors are found an verified. It has to have page numbers, offending code an explanation and a fix! You owe this to your readers and potential purchasers of your book. Updated Errrata for a book is STANDARD in the tech book industry.

Second, test the sample apps in the book under current versions of Android with each release. Lifecycleactivity in Chapter 3 blows right up if you just compile it under current Android and run it, (null exception and app dies ugly). Seriously how hard is it to do this? I had to go to a google website to find a fix:

If both of these things don't change I won't be buying Manning books in the future.