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nharward (1) [Avatar] Offline
Refs, agents and atoms differ from promises in another significant way I think should be mentioned in 6.10.2: they are one-and-done and subsequent calls to (deliver) will have no effect. At least that's according to (doc deliver). It's also not clear if multiple threads can deref a promise simultaneously, my assumption is that this is OK.

As an aside I'm really enjoying this book and in particular the MEAP and this feedback forum - that's actually what kept me from buying a different title as this wasn't officially released yet. I had a script (~80 LoC) written in Python in a functional style and was trying to think of any way to reduce the line count and/or make it cleaner. I was happy and thought it was as minimal as could be but re-writing in Clojure, even as a LISP-family n00b up to only Chapter 3, proved me wrong and cut the LoC to just 45.
amitrathore (132) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Suggestion for Section 6: Software STM
You're right - thanks for the input! Glad you're enjoying the book - apologies for the late response!