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When I have a lot of Xs and Ys, and especially if the relationships are not necessarily linear, I start getting lost. It's very hard for me to keep track of what's been found and how to integrate it into the total picture that's evolving. Even worse because I have several simultaneous projects. So I can't keep it all in my brain and have to switch from project to project. If you have suggestions for staying organized in these situations, I'd sure appreciate them.
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Re: Suggestion for topic -- keeping track of complicated exploratory results
First I would say don't multitask. Nobody is good at it, some people merely think they are good at it.

Second get a large notepad like a Canson 14inch by 17inch newsprint block and scribble on it as you go. Transfer anything you want to save to a machine readable file, but only after you are done working for the day.