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I have dabbled in and out of many programming languages, but never mastered any of them, just sort of curious I guess. I have now decided that since I always wanted to master at least (1) CLI and always wanted to learn to write batch/script files, it looks like Powershell is my choice. My question is very rudimentary I suppose, but a very smart person told me that we all have to be a rookie/newbie at least once. My question is this, now that I have figured out how to get the list of parameters by using the "tab Completion" how do I get a list of properties/methods? I know I can use get-member, but then what do I do when I have all the results? I am trying to learn how to drill down and extract what I need? Seems I suffer from information overload and am not learning ways to filter results to get at what I need. In my job, I get many calls to gather down and dirty details from remote machines, sometimes many at a time, sometimes one or two. Thanks for all your time, SALUTE!

P.S. Love the book, I will get er done I promise, look to see many questions posted