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Welcome to the "ArcGIS Web Development" forum. I hope this forum can be an active discussion for the book as ArcGIS Web Development goes through the MEAP process and all. the way to final production.

I'll do my best to answer any questions and address any critiques to make ArcGIS Web Development a valuable resource for all its readers.

Thank you very much,
Rene Rubalcava
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Re: Welcome to ArcGIS Web Development!
The website offers a thirty day trial and a minimum price of $2500. The intro chapter does not give any alternatives. So the book is only good for thirty days I guess.
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Re: Welcome to ArcGIS Web Development!
I think what you are looking at is the ArcGIS Desktop software. This book uses the ArcGIS API for JavaScript which is free.
It will also utilize free developer accounts for ArcGIS Online in later chapters.

Sorry if the requirements weren't as clear in Chapter 1 as to what is needed for the book, I'll be sure to clarify it.

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Re: Welcome to ArcGIS Web Development!
Very good point, i had exactly the same question when reading the free sample chapter, and almost decided not to purchase the book because of it.

This information will be very helpful for any reader to make a decision on whether to buy the book or not. I would actually take extra steps highlight this information.
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ArcGIS Web Development Examples
I have been reading your book and want start with examples execution, but for me the procedure defined in appendix A and chapter 2 is not sufficient. I think that in the appendix A you may specify with more detail the tools usage, versions, instalation and example executions.



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Re: ArcGIS Web Development Examples
The examples do work. I installed Apache HTTP Server and copied the examples int htdocs folder. From browser I tested and the map is displayed.

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Re: ArcGIS Web Development Examples
Thanks. I'll be sure to revisit the appendix and flesh it out some more with installation instructions for xampp and Visual Studio Express. Appreciate the feedback!
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Re: Welcome to ArcGIS Web Development!
Really enjoying the book. Can't wait for the full version.

I'm a bit of a pedant. On page 82, the caption on the screenshot appears to be missing the word "your" in "#A Click on Create a Feature Service to create own editable service."
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hai, this book is very nice regarding web development. also you can go through the web methods developments.
thanks for sharing.