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maxblacks (37) [Avatar] Offline
We have following use case,
Quartz inbound is used to trigger mule component which is primarily used for retry processing such as moving messages from retry queue to original source queue

When quartz job is executing and for some reason mule application which has quartz component is stopped either manually or unexpected - does mule application shutdown gracefully allowing quartz job/thread to complete before stopping mule application ?

(our JMS provider does not have features for delayed retries)
David Dossot (233) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Mule and Quartz
A quartz inbound endpoint triggers a one-way event that is processed by the flow in which it resides. So once it's fired, Quartz is not involved anymore with the event.

It's up to the flow to ensure the message won't be lost in case of shutdown, which by default is not guaranteed. HA clustering offers this guarantee, but by default no, you don't have the guarantee that the even will be fully processed when Mule stops.
maxblacks (37) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Mule and Quartz
Okies, Just wanted to let you know about quartz erroneous behavior when processing strategy was synchronous,

You would need to get patched jar