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ericlaw (2) [Avatar] Offline
pg vii/pg x: Due to how the target page was formatted, the word break between "fundamentals" and "of" is missing, leading to the mangling "fundamentalsof".

Pg 7: The use of color to distinguish items in a black & white book is the worst anti-pattern of modern tech books. Please please please don't subject paying customers to this.

Pg 8: To better illustrate your point, rather than saying "adding the code only one method at a time" maybe say: "adding the code to every method at once."?

Pg 9: The oddly worded "antipatterns" sidebar appears to first suggest that "Design Patterns" contains anti-patterns. The second half clarifies that it doesn't, but why phrase it this way?

Pg 13: "Forms-AuthenticationModule" should be "FormsAuthenticationModule"

Listing 1.4: It appears that you've renamed the End() method to Commit(). It's not obvious why.

Listing 2.1: Indentation: extra space before the first var line.

Listing 2.2: Technically, the Accord is a midsize or full-size car. smilie

Listing 2.22: Indentation: second var line and subsequent are indented one extra space.

Section 3.2.1, first sentence: "transacton" -> "transaction"

Pg 75: Text doesn't mention the downside of that implementation of WorkerThread aspect: all target methods are invoked on a new thread, even if the caller was already on a worker thread.

Pg 81: "there's a boundary immediately ..." -> "there boundaries immediately ..."

Pg 82: Trailing curly brace on 2nd and 3rd code snippets on this page are incorrectly indented.

Pg 84: clarity: "you could use a field of the class itself" -> "you could use a field in the aspect's class"

Pg 85: "GUID as in squid" -> "GUID rhymes with squid"
matthew.groves (46) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata for final print book: Start to Ch3.

Thank you, I'll be adding most of these to the errata content when that goes live.

matthew.groves (46) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Errata for final print book: Start to Ch3.

I'm a bit confused by your suggestion for Page 81. It seems to read correctly to me as-is, so I don't understand. Maybe reading my own book a thousand times has re-wired my brain smilie