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Concerning the section in which the user is instructed to use the GUI importer, I feel that the instruction could be improved for clarity.

FIgure 1.4 shows two screen caps, one of the main shp2pgsql-gui interface and one of the options screen. While the screen cap shows the editing of the SRID to 4269, two other things seem to be changed in a way that is not reflected in the text.

FIrst, The Table column appears to have been changed from the default of the shp filename (roadtrl020) to "roads", whereas the text instructs to rename to highways_staging which I believe is the intended name.

Also, in the options menu, it appears that the default check boxes have been altered so that "Create spatial index automatically after load" is no longer checked. The text makes no mention of this change.

The inconsistency of this passage keeps one from being able to follow just the image or just the text. In my opinion all the steps of the GUI process should be laid out step by step, possible in an ordered list.